Folly’s Advice to You Whiners – A Poem

Unfair! How rude! You deserve so much better, This is not cool, dude, Time for a spittle-flecked letter! If they would look through your lens, Then they could see, You’re uniquely discriminated against, And you deserve pity. The deck is stacked against you, And if you don’t succeed, There’s nothing you could do, Everyone should... Continue Reading →

My Trolley Problem – A Poem

Today’s the day, I know that well. Today I’ll have to take the L. The train is fine, for transportation. That’s not the source of my consternation. You see I avoid the L, at all cost, To keep my mind from getting lost. There is a dilemma and I can’t stand it, Which keeps me... Continue Reading →

Summary of Augustine’s De Trinitate

Here is a very short summary paper I presented in Dr. McCall's ST 9000 Trinity and Atonement course at TEDS. I had to summarize Augustine's On The Trinity in 1,000 words. It was difficult. Here you go, enjoy! In his masterful work, De Trinitate, Augustine embarked on a rigorous journey through biblical texts, logical reasoning, and... Continue Reading →

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