Intro to Philosophy Through Problems| Lesson 1: The Problem of Definition

“It is necessary with regard to the science that we are seeking that we should first address those puzzles that first arise… For those who wish to make good progress must start well; for subsequent progress depends on the resolution of the first puzzles” -Aristotle, Metaphysics Philosophy and Definition Are definitions possible? Does our language... Continue Reading →

“As Kant Could Have Shown…”

This is a short assignment I presented to my Analytic Theology class which is being taught by Dr. James Arcadi here at TEDS. In it, I interact with Andrew Chignell's proposed solution for the Analytic theologian to the problem of what "Kant has shown". Whether it’s round Immanuel Kant, or through him[1], most theologians and... Continue Reading →

Parker’s Pensées 1. Apologetics, Sports

What Pascal meant for good, God meant for great! Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) was a French mathematician, philosopher, and Christian apologist. Apparently he set out to write a book to defend and commend the Christian faith but died before it’s completion. The remnants of his apologetical thoughts were collected and arranged- though the proper order of... Continue Reading →

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