If God’s Sooo Sovereign, Why Do You Pray? 

I have a very high view of God's sovereignty. I believe God is in control of everything and He has predestined every event that takes place and every fact that is a fact. Holding this view, and being vocal about it, has prompted lots of people, both Christian and non-Christian, to ask me: "If God's... Continue Reading →

The Test of Love 

A couple years ago someone asked me if I'm a loving person. Well, I figured I was a pretty loving guy but I knew that my answer had to appear humble so I knew I had to depreciate myself a bit. But I was also unwilling to put myself down so much that I would... Continue Reading →

Dogs: An Analogy For God’s Love 

There are thousands of reasons why Dogs are man's best friends. One of the reasons I love my dogs so much is because they are continual analogies for God's love. By shifting perspectives between my dogs and myself I get a slight glimpse of the love that God has for his creatures and especially those... Continue Reading →

Everything Happens For a Reason 

You've heard it a million times. Usually people say it when job opportunities disappear, when people get sick, when someone dies suddenly, when comfort is needed many of us take comfort in believing that "everything happens for a reason". But this expression isn't only reserved for trying situations, we even say it when in situations... Continue Reading →

Love is? 

What's love? Seriously, what is it? Have you ever given that any serious thought? Maybe you have, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess most of us haven't sat down and tried to define Love. Today we just make assertions based on the assumption that we all have the same definitions,... Continue Reading →

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