Did Willy the Whale Shark Choose to Swallow Jonah?

Willy: “… well, so rather than deal with indigestion the whole trip, I made myself yak over by Nineveh.” Bob: “Woah, that’s quite a story, Willy. I guess that’s why us whale sharks ought to just stick to plankton, huh?” Willy: “Yeah, Bob, obviously I know we aren’t supposed to eat bearded Middle Eastern men,... Continue Reading →

Those Who Defend Free Will, Wreck It.

"So Augustine is right when he so often repeats the memorable saying that 'those who defend free will wreck it, instead of making it secure."   -John Calvin quoting St. Augustine in the 1541 edition of The Institutes There is an on going debate throughout the history of philosophy about free will and determinism. Do we... Continue Reading →

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