Mapping Peterson’s Meaning: An Evangelical Analysis of Jordan Peterson’s Theology

A significant challenge for the evangelical Christian has arisen as of late in the person of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, specifically, the challenge of understanding his views on God generally, and Christianity specifically. How should evangelicals view Peterson? Is he the second coming of a Francis Schaeffer or a C.S. Lewis? Is he a Trojan... Continue Reading →

What Is Christian Theology?

I initially started this blog because I had some stuff to say about theology and I wanted to say it in creative, down-to-earth ways. But throughout my growth as a thinker, many of my posts have lost their down-to-earthiness. How shall this down-to-earthiness be restored? Are my blog posts no longer good for anything except... Continue Reading →

i Think, Therefore “I AM”: Van Til’s TAG

“According to the principle of Protestantism, man’s consciousness of self and of objects presupposes for their intelligibility the consciousness of God. In asserting this we are not thinking of psychological and temporal priority. We are thinking only of the question as to what is the final reference point in interpretation. The Protestant principle finds this... Continue Reading →

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